Adjustments to your dentures

Sometimes your dentures will require a simple modification to ensure the best fit and performance. This could be for a number of reasons including the rate your jawbone changes shape, additional tooth loss and how well you have looked after your dentures. Ill-fitting, worn-down loose dentures can cause soreness, infections, problems when chewing and biting, and result in changes to facial support. So it is important that your dentures are adjusted when they need to be, to ensure the best possible fit. Never attempt to adjust your denture yourself. Foothills Denture Clinic offers same day denture relines in Perth including hard and soft relines.

Denture Relines

As time goes by, the shape of your mouth and gums will change naturally. This can mean that over time, your dentures won’t fit you the way they should. By relining your dentures, we will ensure that your dentures continue to offer you the best fit and feel. Our team have over 40 years of experience and will happily explain your options of denture relines in Perth.


A hard denture reline will improve the fit and stability of your dentures. Please note that you will be without your denture whilst we do the reline, this is a same day service.

Soft Reline

If you suffer with tender gums and sore spots, soft denture relining can help your dentures be kinder to your mouth. This is often the case for people who have a very flat lower ridge, which means that the retention of the lower denture is very poor. By adapting your denture with a material that remains soft and pliable, we can make your dentures much more comfortable to wear.

Please note that you will be without your denture whilst the new base is positioned. Every year or two the soft material will need to be replaced.

Tissue Conditioner or temporary relines

A temporary denture reline or Tissue conditioner is suitable for people who are awaiting a hard reline or new dentures but their gums need time to heal. This is especially the case for patients who are wearing dentures that are very old and ill-fitting, because this can damage your gums causing them to be sore, swollen and misshapen. The good news is we can carry out a temporary denture reline directly, so you won’t need to be without your dentures. This temporary Tissue Conditioner will only last for a few weeks.

Most denture relines in Perth are completed within the day so speak to our team on 08 9250 1733.

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