Mouthguards Perth

Sport related accidents are one of the common causes of dental injury. This effects children, teenagers and adults and can easily be avoided if a mouthguard was worn. Here at Foothills Denture Clinic we make custom fit mouthguards in Perth.

Sports Mouthguards Perth

Whatever sport is played, you always run the risk of injuries to your jaw. The right gear is needed to reduce the risk of injury and fitted sports mouthguards help to offer your teeth and jaw the protection they need. Foothills Denture Clinic can custom make sports mouthguards in Perth so that it fits perfectly. The best mouthguards are individually fitted and made from a mould of your teeth. They fit better and are more comfortable. They help to provide protection by;

  • Decreasing risk of injury to front and back teeth
  • Cuts to lips, cheeks and gums from sharp edges of teeth are reduced
  • Reduces the risk of jaw fracture and concussion by acting as a shock absorber

For more information on sports mouthguards in Perth contact us on 08 9250 1733.

Mouthguards Perth

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