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Licensed to make All Dentures including Part Acrylic and Metal dentures

Foothills Denture Clinic is conveniently located at Shop 4, 16 The Avenue, Midland. Between them Malcolm and his daughter Raynee have over 40 years experience in the industry, this is just one of the reasons why you should consider Foothills Denture Clinic.

Denture repairs can be done while you wait and denture relines are usually done within the day. Malcolm & Raynee are licensed to make all dentures including Part Acrylic and Metal dentures. The Foothills Denture Clinic is a Medibank Members Choice Provider and is also a HBF Participating Provider. Rebates are available from all other health funds and we also deal with Veterans Affairs and offer pensioner discounts.

Special arrangements can be made for country clients to reduce the number of visits. Foothills Denture Clinic also provides custom fitted sports mouthguards created from a mould of your teeth, ensuring the perfect fit and maximum protection.

We offer a professional service at a reasonable price and will be happy to discuss any difficulty or query you may have with your current denture. Just phone 92501733 to speak to our friendly staff.

At Foothills Denture Clinic, we attempt to make your dentures look as natural as possible, at your initial consultation we can discuss how to make your denture look as you want them to look.

We can also discuss what you may need:

Country Clients

We will take into consideration your travelling time by making a couple of appointments in one day etc. Tell us when you phone for your appointment.

Recall Appointments

All dentures require periodic review. As a Foothills Denture Clinic client , you will benefit from a recall when your appointment becomes due. Once every twelve months, we will recall you to evaluate your denture and examine the soft tissues in your mouth.

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