We understand how losing some or all of your natural teeth can impact on your life. It can affect daily activities like eating, talking and laughing. It can also drastically affect your confidence and quality of life. We’ll endeavour to create your new dentures custom made to meet your individual needs, onsite in our Midland clinic within the specified timeframe.

Replacing your lost natural teeth with Full or Partial dentures is a relatively straight-forward and cost-effective way of improving your quality of life. Dentures will allow you to eat things you may not have been able to, they can drastically enhance your appearance and give you back your confidence to go about your daily life.

Here at Foothills Denture Clinic we custom make all our dentures in our onsite clinic, providing you with a more personalised and professional dental prosthesis. We discuss your needs and expectations with you and make it our mission to provide you with a natural looking denture that fits and functions well.

Benefits of new dentures:

 Enjoy a broader range of foods
 Facial muscles appear more taught, sunken features appear plumper
 Reduce your need for denture adhesive

Reasons why you may need a new denture include:

You have started to use a denture adhesive because you feel your dentures no longer fit
 You have had one or more emergency denture repairs
 Denture relining has not been successful
 Your dentures have become loose and are making your mouth sore
 Your dentures are worn or stained (stains that can no longer be removed by your normal denture cleaner)
 Dentures you had fitted immediately after tooth extractions are now loose
 You can no longer eat, speak or eat well with your dentures
Our experienced team will provide you with knowledgeable advice for your new dentures. Getting dentures for the first time can be overwhelming but our team will be here to guide you all the way.

Direct to your own Denture Prosthetist

Need new dentures in Perth? Then you can visit Foothills Denture Clinic directly without having to first see a dentist. We can make partial as well as full dentures

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How much do dentures in Perth cost? Foothills Denture Clinic have reasonable prices. To book your complimentary appointment and find out more about our complete dentures call us on (08) 92501733

We can now provide you with Implant Retained Over Dentures!

Implant retained dentures are just like conventional dentures only they’re secured into place with (usually) 2 or more implants.

  • There are many benefits of having Implant Retained Dentures.
  • Much better stability and retention – no more loose dentures
  • Enhanced function – ability to eat more food types with less hassle
  • Improved speech and aesthetics – Better lip and facial support.
  • Preserve facial structure – Implants can prevent or slow bone loss.

Patients that have implant supported dentures say that their decision to get them has been truly life-changing and they wish they had done it sooner. Call us for more information.

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