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Cleaning your Dentures

Correct denture cleaning is essential for good oral hygiene. Conventional toothpaste is not suitable for cleaning dentures as it can abrade and permanently damage your dentures. Instead you should use one of the many denture cleaners available.

Clean all the surfaces of your dentures, including the surface which comes into contact with your gums. This is especially important if you use any kind of denture adhesives, which need to be removed daily. Then soak your dentures in a specialist solution to keep them fresh. Never use bleach or boiling water to clean your dentures. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Remove and brush your dentures daily.

Leaving your dentures out at night will allow your gum tissues to rest and benefit from normal stimulation by your tongue and saliva. However, we know that many patients feel embarrassed about removing their dentures in front of their partner and prefer to wearing dentures at night.

Denture Repairs Perth

Foothills Dentures Clinic offers same day denture repairs in Perth. We can repair your dentures within the day and have it ready while you wait. Our friendly team will advise you on the work that is required and provide you with quote.

All denture repairs are completed with utmost care to ensure you’re dentures fit comfortably. Our Prosthetists have over 40 years of experience within the industry! For any enquiries on denture repairs in Perth please call us on 08 9250 1733.

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